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From now until July 24th, we will donate all proceeds from all apparel and cloth sales to SNAPCO's Taking Care of Our Own fund.
100% of your purchase price excluding shipping will be donated.

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative is a black trans and queer led collaborative in Atlanta. their TCOOO Fund provides direct financial support to local trans people navigating emergencies - helping with arrests, bills, and rent support fund.

Purity Ring

Alien Body - Manifest the World Stardew L/S T-shirt

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Please note, this item and any items ordered with it will ship on or around March 23rd. If this item is ordered with the new album preorder, it will ship with the preorder on or around March 31, 2020.

Alien Body - Manifest the World Stardew design on a white long sleeve Lane Seven t-shirt. Artwork by Alien Body. View size chart HERE.

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